• the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for
  • something that achieves positive results
  • the achieving of desired results, or someone or something that achieves positive results

Positives results, desired results, wanted or hoped results… But what is it you want and desire? How can it be achieved without breaking down other parts of your life, such as relationships, career, hobbies or mentality?

Leaders Programme

The Leaders programme is designed to develop today’s true leaders – who are self-aware in every aspect of their life.

Current leadership & entrepreneurship theories, as well as some mentors, sometimes fail to discuss important aspects of our lives that may affect our leaders and entrepreneurs journey. How can you build a business if your mental state isn’t right? And what happens if your business is growing, but your personal life runs off the track unexpectedly? We aim to make sure that you understand your journey towards your success, how to deal with setbacks, and what paths to take if you’re feeling lost.


Our Founder, Manni, holds an exceptional business mindset who is passionate about developing an inclusive community of true leaders in life & business. Manni holds tremendous experience in entrepreneurship, including a success story in Silicon Valley, where he grew from couch surfing intern to a successful businessman. However, like every journey, it might leave long-lasting scars that can always bring you down. Now? Manni's experience enables him to build today's leaders, both business and life-wise. Manni will personally meet you for one-to-one sessions regularly to see where you're are at the moment and what needs to be done.


Leadership is not only about the inspiration and leading people. Entrepreneurship is not about starting your business and achieving monetary success. Our leaders are on the same journey as you are, just slightly more ahead and more experienced. It's a community of people with a diverse professional background from which you can learn, build relations and get the support that you may need on your journey.


You have a kite in your hands. You never flew a kite before or maybe you did, and you weren't as successful as you wished to be. You may have that ego or persistence that keeps telling you to keep trying, and you will succeed. Yes, you will manage to fly your kite eventually. But flying a kite is not enough, can you keep it intact for a lifetime?

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