Why Kite and how can it help?

Kite itself represents your entire being and needs as an entrepreneur or business owner. Traditional ‘Diamond’ Kite has four triangles in it, each of them representing your Business, Mentality, Physiological and Personal Life needs. There is a need to maintain and satisfy needs that fall on each ‘triangle’ otherwise; your Kite will crash. Quick example: if your personal life is falling apart, it will trigger issues in Personal Life ‘triangle’, that will eventually move on to Mentality. Then Business or Career will be affected and then of course Physiology – when you ultimately barely sleep and struggle to pay your essential bills.

Everything interrelates, and if you’re not satisfied in one part of your ‘Kite’ that part will drag you down. But, there is much more to this.

Firstly, to raise your Kite, you need to push the Kite into an air. Weight of the Kite is our general human nature and being down to earth, our basic life and physiological needs. Drag is a backward force; if you don’t have this, your Kite might fly away and crash far from you. You need to put real work there to control the Kite, know your strategy – what will you do when winds get too harsh? Finally, to fly the Kite, you need Thrust – a propulsive force and direction to which you want to propel your Kite. In here, Manni will help you to Lift your Kite, balance the Weight, help to control Drag and keep your vision intact to maintain the Thrust.


Physiology is a backbone of everything that we do. Key in here is to be able to remain self-sustainable and meet with our basic needs. Have a roof over our heads, eat well, have clean clothing or anything else that is just essential in our day-to-day lives.

Would you be able to run a marathon if you have slept only 4 hours last night and haven’t eaten anything for the past day? Similarly, as a business, your personal life also needs planning and budgeting to make sure that we don’t end up jeopardising everything else in our lives. Not meeting with our basic needs can drag our mind away from maintaining relationships, having the right attitude or getting the work done.


We all have a perfect image of ourselves in the future what we want to achieve, where we want to live, or what we want to do. We all want to belong somewhere and be part of something bigger – have a meaning and realise ourselves.

We’re all equal here, yet with different needs. However, the vision of our business is relatively different from the one we have in our personal life. To have true friends, fulfilling relationships, build family & home, or continuously improve ourselves. For this, we need a balance between our work and what we do just for ourselves and those close to us. If we don’t have this, the first thing to fail in your Kite might be mentality – and then the chain reaction begins, dragging your Kite lower and lower.


Starting and running a business is never straight forward, and there is much more to it than a bullet-proof idea and perfect market conditions.

ou might have graduated from business-related course lately, but are you confident with what you have learnt? Do you know finances? Marketing? How to pitch your idea? How to grow your business? Or to get up and have enough motivation and be productive for at least 12 hours a day? Issues in your start-up or already set-up business may directly affect your mentality & physiology, eventually infiltrating into your personal life and relationships.


Mentality segment might be the most fragile in this model. Balancing everything in our lives, especially when starting or running a new business can seem impossible. It’s something that everyone might struggle to keep intact. Mentality affects all: the success of the business and the success of our lives, and even physiology.

Do you have a vision in your life? In your business?
How to remain positive and motivated when it feels that you are continually looking at the abyss? Issues mentality can very quickly drag your Kite down to the ground.

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