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Faras Sabswari

First Enterprise

About Manni

I booked a meeting with Manni for the first time to discuss my business idea and seek for some feedback. The experience of the first meeting was very enlightening. We didn’t just discuss business but also had an interesting conversation about life and personal growth. Manni is someone who has plenty of life experience and has a natural methodology to get the message through to you. He has been my mentor for the past year, and his guidance has genuinely been a beacon at times of need. Providing me with the tools that are needed to face the world with a smile on your face. I sincerely believe, if you’re not a leader yet, you’re being prepared to become one.

Hetvi Parekh

Nottingham City Council

About Manni

Manni can be described as a “one-man army”; he is equipped to deal with any situation. Enabling him to help others and help them cultivate the skills to manage their own lives – personal, professional and how to attain a balance in life as well. Manni always talks about making a change and creating leaders for the future and making the world a better place. He has the knack of simplifying complex tasks into simple steps and always encourages you to achieve and dream higher.

I’m incredibly lucky to have Manni as my mentor and I can only vouch for his expertise, non-judgemental approach and objectivity, which can truly make a difference to people.

Rawan Abu Ishar

Proodle Solutions

About Manni

I was in a phase where I was seeking to define my purpose and understand the reason behind my anxieties, as I believed in my capabilities but I felt lost. My experience was very enlightening, and Manni helped me define key pillars to personal success and provided with many interesting resources to learn from. My key takeaway is that the human brain is a powerful engine and we are the only ones who have control over it. Happiness is a way of life and not a target to achieve.


Freelance Author

About Manni

I’ve just had an incredible one to one meeting with Manni. When I entered the room, I was just Charlie. When I left, I was Charlie the official author! It turns out, he believes in my book and the kind of impact it can have, seeing the potential thanks to his keen business accruement. After struggling to find to the right kind of publisher to accommodate my book, I have now secured a deal with Manni’s advice and guidance. This is the beginning of a very exciting career for me. All it took was someone to give me a chance

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